Marco Civale

Photographer, Retoucher, Content Creator

I was born in a small village a few steps from the sea, near the Amalfi Coast. Since I was young I wanted to travel and discover new places, expand my knowledge and improve myself.

What I do? One of the many things I love to do, being an artist. Over the last years I have been working in photography and content creation.

I have many passions, maybe too many, that force me to devote some time to everything. I need to keep my hobbies alive because this gives me immense energy, stimulates me and makes me feel alive.

I have a life project and I want to make it happen, I don’t waste a day of my life because I have learned to appreciate the value of time and beautiful things.

My YouTube channel is what allows me to proof what I do, even if still in an awkward and shy way. I invite you to follow me. Why? Because I want to help anyone who has my same desires to be able to achieve them.



Still-life is my favourite but I also love portrait, fashion and creative photography


Just give me a pen, a graphic tablet and a PC.. then I'll create perfect images


I prefer to shoot images but I love to work on creative videos as well

Content Creator

Everything in one channel, I help others grow professionally